Kazakhstan phone numbers enabled to receive SMS online

We are enabling Kazakhstan numbers in test mode, now you can receive SMS online in your Kazakhstan numbers to actívate your accounts, so you can start activating PVA accounts or receive OTP codes in our exclusive numbers.

Receive SMS Online on your Kazakhstan number

Now you can receive your SMS in Kazakhstan number with our exclusive platform, for its use it is very simple, you just have to choose the country from which you want to rent your number, then choose the platform from which you want to receive the number and then register in the platform.

Once you register you will receive the OTP code on our platform, which you can enter on the website you register and validate the number in that way.

Popular platforms for activation of Kazakhstan PVA accounts

  1. Activate Kazakhstan WhatsApp numbers: Just like any platform, you choose Kazakhstan as the country from which you want to receive the code for the authorization of the number, click on the WhatsApp platform and finally you get the number, the obtained number you enter in the WhatsApp you have on your mobile and ready, You will already be having your WhatsApp number.
  2. Activate Kazakhstan Facebook accounts: As simple as registering as a Facebook user using our Kazakhstan numbers, only in this case you would be choosing the Facebook platform, you will receive the code, enter it on your Facebook once you receive the code in your Kazakhstan number and voila.
  3. Activate YouTube or Gmail accounts in Kazakhstan: Choose a number from Kazakhstan to activate the YouTube service, create your PVA account and voila, upon receiving the code on our platform you enter it into your newly created YouTube account and you will already be enjoying the new YouTube or Gmail account.
  4. Activate Telegram with Kazakhstan numbers: Lately the popularity of the Telegram platform is one of the most requested for the activation of Kazakhstan Telegram accounts, possibly in relation to cryptocurrencies, as with the previous activations, you must choose as Kazakhstan country for activation, choose subsequently the Telegram platform and finally upon receiving the OTP SMS code you enter it in your new Telegram account.
  5. Activate Kazakhstan PVA Twitter accounts: Activating Twitter accounts by SMS is one of the most requested by our users, just choose the country of Kazakhstan to receive SMS online in the numbers and then choose the Twitter platform. Once you choose Twitter, you can start receiving the code to activate your Twitter PVA account.
  6. Activate Kazakhstan Tinder accounts:   Now you can also activate Kazakhstan Tinder PVA accounts with our exclusive platform. Its use is very simple and the prices as you can see on our platform, are transparent.
  7. Create mail.ru accounts with Kazakhstan numbers: Now you also have the possibility to create mail accounts of mail.ru with numbers from Kazakhstan
  8. Receive online SMS to activate Yahoo! with numbers from Kazakhstan: It is another of the great options we offer to our customers, you can now receive online SMS from Kazakhstan to activate this popular worldwide platform.
  9. Activate your KakaoTalk accounts with Kazakhstan numbers: Popular in the eastern region, KakaoTalk is a messaging platform that is being used massively, so now we also give you the option to activate KakaoTalk with your Kazakhstan number.
  10. Activation of accounts that do not appear on the platform: To activate a service with Kazakhstan number that does not appear on our platform, you can use the OTHERS option, so you can always activate any service of any type of platform.

Every month we make improvements to our platform, we add more platforms, more countries and more options, in addition, we automate our process with the implementation of our exclusive API so you can massively activate the services you want.