We already accept Paypal in Receive SMS

As of today, all the cargo transactions can now be done with the Paypal wallet, this is in beta version, due to the large number of customers who have been asking us, we decided to implement it.
If you have any questions about it, do not hesitate to open a ticket with our customer service center.
The credit of the Paypal account takes its verification process to avoid fraudulent operations.
Adhering this type of payment is so that you can have a more payment option for your convenience, remember that our system of reception of messages is the only stable and automated.

Use of Facebook accounts for business success

Use of Facebook accounts PVA (Phone Verified Accounts) is one of the ways you need to promote online promotions of certain businesses, because not being on the internet is like the business does not exist. One of the great advantages of Facebook is that it just has a large audience and many people spend much of their time in this social network, which is why it is considered part of the global marketing strategy, although Facebook has received a large amount of income. For social media ads, part of the strategies of several experts is the creation of accounts so that promotions can be made in specific groups related to the business.

Facebook PVA (Phone Verified Accounts) is considered a key to success in driving online promotions. Facebook has a large number of audiences that spend most of their time on Facebook. The social networking platform gives a new look to global marketing. Facebook is currently receiving a large amount of ad revenue. Google and other online services offer PVA, and the accounts will help you get more benefits.

How does Facebook PVA benefit?

First, because of the effectiveness and importance of Facebook for current businesses, you can get many customers, since it is part of the SEO strategy because of the social signals that a Fanpage or a web page may have. Also, with certain strategies, you can increase the chances of generating more audience as well as followers for the business. This is one of the reasons why one can benefit from Facebook PVA accounts.

In the world of Black Hat SEO, several strategies have been established to accompany the increase in the positioning of web pages, they have been scaled simply by carrying out social actions in certain entries, in addition to other more elaborate strategies. Undoubtedly Black Hat SEO is not dead and Facebook PVA is one of the best tools you can use.

La utilización de las cuentas de Facebook PVA (Cuentas verificadas por teléfono) es una de las formas que se necesitan para impulsar las promociones en línea de determinados negocios, pues no estar en internet es como que el negocio no existe. Una de las grandes ventajas de Facebook es que justamente tiene una gran audiencia y muchas personas pasan gran parte de su tiempo en esta red social, por eso se considera parte de la estrategia del marketing global, si bien Facebook ha recibido una gran cantidad de ingresos por los anuncios de redes sociales, parte de las estrategias de varios expertos es la creación de cuentas de forma que se pueda realizar promociones en grupos específicos relacionados al negocio.

Facebook PVA (cuentas verificadas por teléfono) se considera una clave del éxito para impulsar las promociones en línea. El Facebook tiene un gran número de audiencias que pasan la mayor parte de su tiempo en el Facebook. La plataforma de redes sociales le da una nueva mirada al marketing global. El Facebook está recibiendo actualmente una gran cantidad de ingresos de anuncios. Google y otros servicios en línea ofrecen PVA, y las cuentas lo ayudarán a obtener más beneficios.

¿Cómo beneficia las cuentas de Facebook PVA?

Primeramente por la efectividad y la importancia que tiene Facebook para los negocios actuales, se puede obtener muchos clientes, ya que es parte de la estrategia SEO por las señales sociales que pueda tener una Fanpage o una pagina web. Ademas, con determinadas estrategias, se pueden aumentar las posibilidades de generar mas audiencia asi como tambien seguidores para el negocio. Este es una de las razones por la cual uno puede beneficiarse con las cuentas de Facebook PVA.

En el mundo del Black Hat SEO, se han establecido varias estrategias tendientes a acompañar el aumento del posicionamiento de las paginas web, se han conseguido escalar simplemente realizando acciones sociales en determinadas entradas, además de otras estrategias mas elaboradas. Sin dudas el Black Hat SEO no esta muerto y el Facebook PVA es una de las mejores herramientas que puedes utilizar.

We have added numbers from Argentina

Now you can buy the new numbers of Argentina, so you can receive online sms of Argentina numbers from now on. Argentina is one of the largest countries in Latin America, therefore, they are high quality numbers.

It is the first we offer of the Latin American numbers, at the request of our customers, so we want it to be useful for all of you.

What is PVA and how does it work?

Dear readers, we have launched this new blog to update information about the accounts verified by Telephone (PVA for its acronym in English).
To explain better what a PVA account is, we will give you a review and example of how everything works now.

The main social networks, such as Faceboog, Tinder, Meetme and even email services such as Gmail or Hotmail request verification through SMS codes as a way to solve spam. Its operation is very simple:

Take for example Facebook:
Previously it was enough with an email to register us but now for example directly asks for your phone number to enter the social network so what we do step by step is:
1- Enter your phone number in addition to your name
2- Receive an SMS code that must enter the platform
3- Once received, the profile that has been validated by SMS is unlocked
4- Your phone number is validated for the account you just created
Immediately after the procedure, you are considered the account holder. The problem often has to do with the management of data privacy, but that is another point that each must take into account.